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Hi, we’re Dax and Sarah and welcome to our online swing dance academy. We create fun online courses to help swing dancers make serious improvement.

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Here is one of our favorite performances from a workshop we taught in Seoul, South Korea.

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Just incase you don't already know...
"Swing Dancing is the s#%t! You're immersed in music, movement, improvisation, social interaction, sweat, fun, frustration, excitement, and a lifetime of learning."
Dax Hock

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Oh yeah! I totally agree , we did a 20 minute virtual class with Dax and I learned so much more in those 20 minutes than I have learned anywhere else in the last 12 months! This is such a true feedback, wholeheartedly.

Irem+Chris, USA
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Your ideas are blowing my dancing mind. The different beats Dax tried to make me follow, still working on it, expands my thinking. It’s not like you opened up a door or window, it’s more than you took away all the walls. Freedom — wow. I’m still in shell shock.

John, USA

They’ve got an amazing sense of music and can move so well… It’s so great to watch them and to actually feel the difference in the way they teach. I and many other current international teachers learned a great technique in such a good way, that I want to highly recommend RhythmJuice as one of the best online platforms out there.From my point of view it’s the most professional online platform for dancing I’ve ever experienced.

Charlie Ton, Germany

I live in Brazil and even dancing for a few years I knew that my dance was stagnant. It is not easy to access information when living far from Europe or the USA. RJ made all the difference allowing my dance to grow. I recommend to do the course Swing Body Movement. So important. Learn different rhythms and do some drills and solo jazz exercises open my mind to a new world. Something important to tell is that my friend and I took some months of private classes. It’s worth!!! That was a really good investment, but keep in mind that Sarah and Dax are great teachers and RJ is a fantastic tool, but YOUR compromise and dedication is also important. I just wanna thanks and be the first to say welcome to this family

Santiago Veloz, Brazil
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I’ve been Rhythm Juice members for several yrs, and I totally recommend it! Dax & Sarah, they are great teachers, kind mentors, amazing dancers of course!! It’s my luck to meet them, thank you!!

Anonymous, South Korea

On Rhythm Juice, Dax and Sarah reveal all their secrets without any reservation. There is a ton of content to watch, learn, and to get you thinking about your dancing.

Most videos demos with different angles, back side, front side, tips, conclusions etc, which lead you to complete each stage in a comfortable pace. 

Mostly important thing is Dax & Sarah are super nice, they will listen to users and always offer their help!

Jill Wu, Taiwan Teacher
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The virtual lesson was worth every penny. Dax knows how to give precise and concrete advice on how to improve the quality of the dance and how to fix possible problems with the dance technique. He is able to demonstrate and rationalize the advices he gives and provides great value for the students. -Leo

Leo, Finland
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YOU ARE THE BEST TEACHERS. All the above, the decisions you make, what to present, how to present, with practice and drills and music…This is so good. I’ve visited and checked many sites (including West Coast) and I’m voting with my money.

John, USA

"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel."

- Socrates

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We break out Swing Dancing into 6 styles. You can choose to learn one or learn them all!

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