Learn to Swing Dance with Dax and Sarah

We teach 5 styles of swing; Solo Jazz, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and Basic Swing. Our simple two-step process will get a beginner started and an experienced dancer into continual improvement.

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Better Browsing, Filtering and Bug Fixes

*I will be updating this post with images and videos, I just gotta get some sleep. – Dax* Browsing RJ just got an upgrade! For the past two months, lesson previews and lesson filtering we not getting along. Both...

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Major Website Improvements for Aug 2020

Hi everyone! We are excited and nervous to be rolling out our new lesson system. There are many improvements coming your way, but there is also a transition where we expect some possible bugs and funky things to occur...

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Step 1 - Build Your Foundation

On Rhythm Juice, we've broken Swing Dancing into 6 specific dances/styles. Each one has a unique set of technique, essential moves, and approach to social dancing. Our first goal is to build your foundation for one of these styles so you can take full advantage of the advanced content contained within the library.

Step 2 - Continually Improve With Our Evergrowing Lesson Library

With a solid foundation, the building potential is infinite. At this stage, we lighten the guidance and offer you to try everything we know about dancing well at a pace and patch that keeps you engaged. Welcome to the Rhythm Juice Library!



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