Lindy Hop Challenge #01

Work through progressive rounds to combinations that get continually more sophisticated by adding new moves, footwork variations, rhythm changes, and more. The goal is to see how far you can get!

Solo Jazz Challenge #01

Learn a fun combination that will utilize the boogie forward, fish tale, fall off the lock, kick steps, reverse triple suzy q’s and more. We are going to go through progressive rounds of embellishments, new steps, and keep building the...

Challenge of the Month – 2017.04 (Charleston)

Learn a cool Charleston Combo and go through 3 rounds of embellishments that progressively more advanced.

Learn how to swing dance really well without having to spend thousands on private lessons or years slugging through group classes.

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Important News & Updates

We are in the process of refactoring all the content to work with our new progress tracking and progressive course approach. Currently, progressive content was broken up into many posts, and those posts were in a category. Now, all progressive content will be in a single post.

This process will slowly occur for the next two weeks. Here is a list of what we have consolidated so far.

- Challenge of the month 2017.03
- Challenge of the month 2017.04
- Challenge of the month 2017.05
- Challenge of the month 2017.06
- Challenge of the month 2017.07
- Challenge of the month 2017.08
- Challenge of the month 2017.09
- Challenge of the month 2017.10
- Challenge of the month 2017.11
- Challenge of the month 2017.12

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