And Another RJ is Born…

Either I am picky as all hell, totally unlucky or just really good at making bad decisions.

A new RJ has been born! Well, not totally new, but there is no way to swap out this software without getting caught so I want to make a post about it. Below I will talk about the major changes we have made and give you some insights on The great things to come.

Swapping out the goods!

Let’s Take a Look at the Upgrades

Site Styling

Take a look at the new site styling. Our goal was to clean things up so you can enjoy an experience focused on content. We also really improved  the mobile site.

While this visual upgrade looks like a the “big change”, it is actually the smallest thing on the list.

General Content Organization

Here is the biggest upgrade. We are introducing content types so we can break free from the constraints of large courses.

  • Video Q&A
  • Quick Tips
  • Combos
  • Moves
  • Exercises
  • Routines
  • Class Recaps

Introducing smaller pieces means we will be able to release more content regularly.

Moreover, we are developing and really savvy way to organize content and create relationships between moves, combos, and q&a’s, so you can crank effortlessly on the learning. This is going to be an ongoing project that we are really excited about.

Changing the Course (LMS) Software

We are changing out our Learning Management System to something more streamlined and lightweight.

All the courses are the same, but the layout will be slightly different. Progressing through courses will be totally linear so you won’t miss anything.  We are also going to start introducing little quizzes.

Challenges & Feedback

We are putting feedback and challenges on hold for new members. If you are an existing premium member, don’t worry, we will be in touch on how we plan on interacting. 

We need to revisit how this part of Rhythm Juice is going to work so we can create something is more streamlined and engaging and easier to use. We have some killer ideas, but don’t want to rush this one so we are just putting things on hold.

Good Bye Wanna Be Social Networking Features

Let’s face it, we aren’t Facebook. We recently tried to implement some social features, but all the solutions we have tried just slow down the site and are filled with bugs.  In the end it is just distracting from the learning experience   .

So for right now, we are getting ride of the social networking features like group, personal messaging, and the activity feed. These all slow the site down and distract from easy access to content.

Let us know what you think by posting below. Do you have any ideas  about content organization, or anything that will help you learn more efficiently, let us know.





  • Vu Nguyen
    November 17, 2017

    Hello Dax, Thanks for sending me the email. What do you think about making the social network for dancers only? It would be great.

    • Dax Hock
      November 20, 2017

      Vu, do you mean making RhythmJuice a social network for dancers? I think this is pretty difficult to compete with Facebook groups. I think some people are trying to create this type of thing though. We plan on adding the right features when the time comes, but for now our primary focus is to make learning as easy as possible.

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