Learn and Continaully Improve your Lindy Hop with Dax and Sarah

From total beginner to advanced and beyond for Lindy Hop. Lindy Hop is smooth and sophisticated for some, wild and energetic for others. This dance is very social, with lots of space for musicality and style.
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Step 1: Build Your Foundation with Progressive Lessons

We recommend everyone gets started this progressive series of lessons that will teach you the essential technique and vocabulary for social dancing. Once you build your foundation, you will be ready to increase your vocabulary next.

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Lindy Hop Foundation

Build your level 1 foundation for Lindy Hop and establish flow. You will learn 11 essential moves and put them together into 6 flows that we use to build the base level of our Lindy Hop structure.

Step 2 : Take Classes to Continually Improve and Reach Your Full Potential

With your Foundation intact, it's time for the lesson library. We offer Routines, Social Dancing Vocabulary, Skills, Drills, and Lectures to help you on your journey.



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