Learn to Dance Solo (Authentic) Jazz with Dax and Sarah

Free & Expressive! You gotta learn to move your body before you move somebody! How do you think Swing was born? You smashed together the vibrant expressive solo movement and rhythm of African American Dancing with the Structured Folk Dancing of Westerners and BOOM. Swing was born. Solo Jazz is all that fuel in the fire.
Watch Some Solo Jazz Swing About Solo Jazz

Step 1: Build Your Foundation with Progressive Lessons

We recommend everyone gets started this progressive series of lessons that will teach you the essential technique and vocabulary for social dancing. Once you build your foundation, you will be ready to increase your vocabulary next.

Solo Jazz – Level 1 (*U.C)

Build your solo jazz foundation! In this very detailed course, you will learn some essential jazz steps, how to flow and improvise balancing structure and freestyle, and most of all, how to take jazz steps and fully...

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Step 2 : Take Classes to Continually Improve and Reach Your Full Potential

With your Foundation intact, it's time for the lesson library. We offer Routines, Social Dancing Vocabulary, Skills, Drills, and Lectures to help you on your journey.


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