Major Website Improvements for Aug 2020

Hi everyone! We are excited and nervous to be rolling out our new lesson system. There are many improvements coming your way, but there is also a transition where we expect some possible bugs and funky things to occur.

New Stuff

  • Dashboard: Regardless of what device you are on, you can now access your history FASTER.
    • Viewed Lessons
    • Completed Lessons
    • Course Progress
  • Bookmark: Save your most important lessons!
    • Bookmark Lessons
    • Create Custom Bookmark Folders
  • Better Player
    • Fewer Bugs
    • Key Board Shortcuts:
    • AB Looping: Now you can set the in/out point markers by dragging them as well hitting I and O on the keyboard for a fast way to set times.
    • Video Looping: Loop entire video clips without having to set markers.
    • Speed Control: Customize even more with .1 increments plus keyboard shortcuts of SHIFT + forward/back keys.
    • Next/Previous Video: Improved navigation between videos.
    • Clean Playlist of Content: Condensed view to easily overview what’s in the lesson plus more.
  • Course & Lesson Organization
    • List style Course Navigation on Lesson Page

Coming Soon

  • Progress Everywhere
    • All links to lessons will show your status as viewed or completed
  • Refactoring older videos
    • All the videos that had chapter markers in our old system will be reformated to for easier navigation using the new player

Lesson Progress

Our biggest concern is helping you update your lesson progress. Our new system tracks progress on lessons as opposed to videos like we did in our old system. This means I can’t easily bring over your progress since it doesn’t directly convert. The idea moving forward is that videos are things you watch, lessons are things you complete, and courses are major goals you progress towards that have a progress meter.

To help you out, we have added a button on new lessons right sidebar that will take you to the old version where you can see your video progress if you were using that system. Ideally, you will see a lesson, and know if you can do the material, and if not, we don’t recommend marking it complete until you can.

Additionally, we have a bookmarking feature now that will allow for you to save lessons in whatever type of organization that fits the way you train.

If you have questions about the progress or need help let us know!

Let us know what you think! 

  • Comment below to discuss or send us a direct message using the support chat in the lower right.

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