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Master Swing Dancing? Preposterous! Hi, this is Dax & Sarah and we are so glad you are here. We don’t know if it is actually possible to master this dance, but what we do know is this – we will share every single bit of valuable information we have come to learn about it on RhythmJuice.

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Fresh Monthly Content

This isn’t a stale old library of outdated videos. We are making fresh content every month with our unique Challenge of the Month program. It’s pretty awesome!

Here is an overview of a Challenge of the Month for Aug 2017. Notice the progressive levels and our unique Swingin’ Solo content for people without partners. You can also play with our advanced player controls and chapter links. Pretty Awesome eh!?

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Tip Top Instruction

You have a lot of options when it comes to learning how to swing dance. Rest assured, that when you choose to learn on RhythmJuice, you are getting arguably the most current instruction, concepts, and content available on the market.
Here is a lesson from our Lindy Hop Fundamentals where we go over the 8-ct Circle, one of our favorite fundamental moves!

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Does the lesson pace feel too fast and advanced? If you are a beginner, don’t fear, we a have some amazing material for total beginners to help you get started.

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Why RhythmJuice Works So Well

Getting high quality demonstrations and technical information that isn’t watered down

Expertise Anytime Anywhere
You don’t have to wait for an international level workshop to get international level instruction. With RhythmJuice, you can start learning anytime, anywhere. Wether you are in a studio or laying in bed, we got content that will suit all levels and all situations.

Questions Answered
With our Video Q&A sessions, no questions go unanswered. You will never be left hanging. Try it now, shoot us an email.

Optimized For Improvement
To continually improve, you need expert instruction, feedback and time. Between our membership options and our personal coaching program, you have all 3!

Never Bored
Choose to progress technically, explore new variations, or try different styles. This is how we avoid burnout and keep you engaged in learning! Can’t find what you want, just request it. We add new stuff to weekly!

“I’ve honestly found it more useful than workshops, privates and certainly normal lessons, you should be proud of what you have created and the work you’ve put in.” Alan – Ireland

On & Offline Community
Grow in the company of like-minded dancers. Engage in deep dance discussions. Create local practice groups, and arrange practice sessions, and provide peer feedback and tips.

High Quality Demonstration for Everything
With high-quality demonstrations of just about everything you need, you can build a clear mental model and visualization of the dance and good technique.

There is Only One Way To Really Know For Sure…

Styles We Teach

We teach Lindy Hop, Charleston, Basic Swing (East Coast), Authentic Solo Jazz, Solo Charleston, Body Movement, Collegiate Shag, Balboa, Slow Drag and all things that Swing. When we dance, we are utilizing much more than just “Lindy Hop” and recommend you get similar tools in your kit as well!

More Than Online Lessons

Watch this video. I will either put you to sleep, or you will learn a bit about what RhythmJuice is all about.

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a One, a Two, You Know What to Do, Hey!

I have to say the results are CRAZY amazing! For anyone who is curious to know how well the program works, I am one hundred million percent sold on it. My dancing has improved like crazy.” – Danielle, AZ

Hopefully This All Sounds Exciting! However, we really want you to be certain thatRhythmJuice is right for you. That is why we have our 30 Day Satisfaction Challenge. Learn and Love it or get your money back.

If it’s meant to be, RhythmJuice works out to be about $0.98 – 1.64/day! That is is less than a homemade pour over coffee with fancy beans!

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What Other’s Are Saying

“I have heard a lot about RJ and have checked out the website numerous times. I love the structured style of the curriculum, and it would really benefit me because it’s getting more difficult to figure out what to work on in my dancing.” – Freeman, Colorado

“Maximum respect for the video feedback, I found it really useful and I’ve been trying to apply your notes to my social dancing. The format works really well, being able to pause and rewind the clip at your end and use the cursor to point things out is a very effective way of doing things.” – David UK

“It’s really amazing how you guys challenge us! At the beginning of the challenges, we always think: “oh my god! That’s hard to get done in such a short time!” But we manage to do it – not perfectly, but way better than we thought we could ever do! And it’s so much fun and the improvement or our dancing is amazing! It’s great! I love RhythmJuice! – Charlie – Germany

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No problem! Check out the free resources below. We give away free content to our email list. We look forward to seeing you on RhythmJuice. Until then, Keep Swingin’! – Dax & Sarah

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