Masterclass – Jazz Steps – Suzy Q

In this masterclass Dax takes you on a deep dive into learning how to develop your jazz steps with the focus on the Suzy Q. The goal of this masterclass is to show you the stages of development and practice.   Introduction   The Movement   Gettin in the Groove…...

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Improvements & Bug Fixes

Thank you for your patience as we smooth out the user experience on RhythmJuice. Here is a list of things we are working on: Search Results leading to 404 error pages (FIXED 11/28) Course Categories not showing courses Course Immersion left navigation layout styling being bulky and a waste of…

Recap: Lindy Shock 2017 Full Package

Thank you for working so hard in our classes at Lindy Shock. We had an amazing time and hope you enjoyed the stuff we shared. – Dax & Sarah What We Taught Lindy Shock 2017 was crazy fun as usual but really special for us with regards to teaching concepts…....

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