Level 1

Create “Flow” and the ability to smoothly dance continually without interruption. Each style will have a unique approach to what flow means, but you can expect a very minimal amount of vocabulary and a high amount of detail. We recommend starting with Basic Swing and Solo Jazz.

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Lindy Hop – Level 1 “Flow”

Build your level 1 foundation for Lindy Hop and establish flow. You will learn 11 essential moves and put them together into 6 flows that we use to build the base level of our Lindy Hop structure.


Basic Swing – Level 1

Build your level 1 foundation for Basic Swing and establish flow. You will learn the essential moves and freestyle concepts needed to create a complete social dance. This will be a great building block for Lindy Hop and...


Charleston Lindy Fundamentals

Learn to flow for Charleston. While this style might look like Lindy Hop, the technique is very different. This style will help you dance to fast music with easy. We recommend Lindy Hop - Level 1 first.

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