Q: Could you quickly summarize the structure vs freestyle concept?

Question: I really really liked the things you said about the difference between structure and freeform and the responsibility of you as a dancer to pay attention to when your partner (or yourself) is bored. I'm trying to get this information more...

Q: Can you explain why you pump the arms down instead of circle them forward in tandem Charleston?

Question: I've been taught by Ryan Francois and his lineage that the arms in back-Charleston circle forward rather than pump back and forth. Do you have any opinion on which is right/wrong or better/worse, or are they both valid and just different?

Q: Can you help me understand the difference between the Charleston & Lindy Circle?

Question: I had a problem with the charleston circle on counts 4&5 and confusing it with a lindy circle. I feel like my left leg slips away when I do the circle and I feel like I finish the move early.

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