Become a Member of the First Ever Rhythm Juice…

Become a Member of the First Ever Rhythm Juice Community Center in Los Angeles, CA!

While the Lindy Loft dance school has come to an end, the Lindy Loft facility is here to stay. Introducing the Rhythm Juice Community Center, Los Angeles.

We are combining the power of our online dance school Rhythm Juice with the former Lindy Loft space to create a groundbreaking learning experience for self-motivated dancers in Los Angeles.

Our goal is to nurture our community to continue to learn and grow together.

The big change is going to be HOW you learn, not WHAT you learn. You will still get world-class instruction from Dax and Sarah in Basic Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, and Solo Jazz. What is new is that you will now learn with high-quality, interactive online courses, at the facility you love, supported by an enthusiastic group of students and community members.

What We Offer

The community center works in time blocks instead of classes. The studio’s schedule is divided into regular times for Open Floor practice, Group Sessions, and Social Sessions.

Open Floor
This time is for members to come in and work independently or with partners. This time is flexible and allows for individual learning, spontaneous interaction, and ad-hoc groups. We encourage everyone to share ideas, work with others looking for practice buddies, help others struggling with material that you know, and also respect each others’ personal training space.

Group Sessions
This time is for members to work collaboratively on a pre-defined class from Rhythm Juice. We encourage everyone to come prepared having already viewed the class content on their own. Group sessions will have a host who will be in charge of managing the big screen video content, setting a partner rotation flow, and keeping the session blocks on schedule.

Group sessions function much like conventional group classes, except teaching material and instruction comes from Rhythm Juice video lessons and the group flow comes from you and your fellow students.

Social Sessions
This time is for members to social dance and connect. The main room will be playing fun dancing music, and the lounge area will be set up for conversation. This is a chance to unwind and use your new dancing skills with your fellow Community Center members.



Enjoy premium access to Rhythm Juice + Community Center Access for $90/month.

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Will Dax and Sarah teach in-person workshops?
Hell yes! We are excited to show up for exclusive live workshops for our dedicated members so we can explore break-through content and topics that are beyond the scope of online learning.

When will I be billed?
Generally, you will be billed automatically each month on the day you sign up. However, if you sign up during August, we will be prorating your first month’s payment so you can start working on the online content without paying for community center access which will begin officially in September. There will be a few informal group practice sessions in August that you are welcome to join once you have officially registered.

Who runs the Community Center in-person?
Daily operation of the Community Center is the responsibility of session hosts and participating members. Sam Range and Ami Rich are the sponsors of the Lindy Loft facility and will make any necessary management decisions about facility operations.

How can I become a host?
Group session hosts are selected based on a demonstrated love of swing dancing, their commitment to creating a supportive learning environment, and their passion for fostering and giving back to the community. If this describes you, please speak with one of the group session hosts to understand the process, the expectations, and confirm the fit.

Who DJs for the Social Sessions?
We dance to pre-prepared playlists created by the community. With a big selection of playlists, you can queue up music appropriate for any dance style or mood.

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