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A fun, musical, and quite quirky Solo Jazz routine that focuses primarily on 20s Charleston steps and variations.
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About the Course

Calling all advanced Solo Jazz dancers! This routine is going to knock your stripey socks off with highly stylized and musical movements that harness the character of 20s Charleston.

Attention: Dancers Who Have Been Working on this Routine

We are making some improvements to our website. This routine is one of the first pieces of content to get converted to our new Course Layout. This is important to know because you may have lesson progress in the original series that we are unable to move over automatically. 🙁 You can see the old Series here and update your progress manually. We apologize for the inconvenience but are excited to improve the website and appreciate your patience.

Watch the Routine Performed by Dax and Sarah

Full Routine Performance

Course Highlights

  • Learn 72  Two Bar Jazz Steps
  • Phrase by Phrase breakdown focused on high-quality execution of the details
  • Loopable drills for each 8-ct
  • Loopable drills for each phrase
  • Counts Breakdowns, Detailed Tips, and Music Dance Alongs
  • Progressive dance videos for each phrase to easily assemble all parts as you go
  • Assessments for each phrase to do side by side comparison
  • Learn single phrases for quick practice or the full routine for performance

It’s Never Been So Easy to Learn a Full Routine

Our process makes learning hundreds of details and three minutes of choreography as a breeze. With our player looping feature, you will be able to drill hundreds of repetitions of each step. The phrase by phrase breakdown will allow for you to stay totally focused on small chunks of choreography, and drill both the individual phrases and the full routine up to the point where you are learning. This process is only possible using a digital format making it much more efficient than a live class.

Learn More Than a Routine

In addition to learning an awesome routine, you are going to have 72 Jazz Steps packaged individually into exercises that you can use in your improvisations. Additionally, the tips provided on execution will improve your technique, rhythm, and style. Lastly, seeing how we take simple steps and alter them to fit the music is musicality education at its highest level.






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