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    BB103-01a Lecture – About Up and Down Hold Footwork

    Let's talk about Down Hold and Up Hold footwork and how both of these footwork patterns used through out...

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    BB102-01 Lecture – About the Balboa Basic

    Let's talk about the basic step, some history behind it, and about the footwork patterns we use.

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    BB102-05 Lecture – About Replacing Basic Footwork

    Let's talk about footwork variation, also called footwork replacement, and how it works for Balboa.This is probably the most...

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    BB102-04 Flow – P1 (Side Tilt and Stationary Basic)

    Let's learn to flow using the stationary basic and the side tilt. This is one of the most important...

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    BB102-07 Footwork – Stationary Basic (Basic Triple 1a2)

    Let's add the Basic Triple to your stationary basic, counted as 1a2. This is going to improve balance and...

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    BB102-06 Footwork – Stationary Basic (Reverse Triple a12)

    Let's add the Reverse Triple to your stationary basic, counted as a12. This is going to improve balance, and...

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