What does the “Coming Soon” tag mean? 

When content is scheduled for filming, and it 100% something we plan on releasing we add it to the library and put the coming soon tag on it so you know what to expect. We are going to improve this system soon, add some voting so you can help us prioritize and get some dates associated with them.

Where do I start if I am a total beginner?

If you are an absolute beginner, we recommend starting with Basic Swing – Level 1 in Foundation. It is rated Level 0 and loaded with fun!

Where do I start if I am experienced?

You have a lot of choices, but the first and most important thing to do is get familiar with how our content is organized and learn how the Foundation, Variation, Application, Fortification, and Inspiration categories are there to help you quickly solve your dance needs. Learn more here.

What styles do you teach?

We teach most styles under the umbrella of Swing Dancing. This includes Solo Jazz, and the partner dancing styles Basic Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and Collegiate Shag.

What is Basic Swing?

Basic Swing is the most common form of social dancing that people seem to be doing without extensive training or lessons. Some people call it east coast swing, single step, 6ct swing and all sorts of stuff. We have defined it technically as having low momentum, more fixed patterns, and have designed to to be extremely easy and fun.

How do levels work? Where is the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Stuff?

We only have levels in our foundation courses. Level 1, 2, and 3. They stand for Flow, Freedom, Finesse. If you are not experienced, we recommend you work in Foundation > Level 1. Once you establish flow, you can then start to dive into Variation > Moves and build your vocabulary. After that point, everything is for experienced dancers, and we simply have a tag for “Difficult” to warn you if something is going to be Hard or Brutal.

How do I cancel my membership?

Go to your membership account page and click cancel. You can access it in the slide-out menu, or directly jump there by clicking this link.

How do I get feedback?

Sign up for for the membership that includes personal coaching and we provide feedback on a weekly basis.

Does anyone else teach on here besides Dax and Sarah?

Not at this time. If there is anything, in particular, you would like to learn inspired by other dancers, let us know and we can create some content inspired by them. We usually publish stuff as Signature Move series.

Where can I ask a question about stuff in a video?

You can post on the page in the comment section and we will get back to you asap.

Where can I request lessons, and ask questions to get a video response?

Please use the form here and follow the instructions.


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