Where do I start if I am a total beginner?

If you are an absolute beginner, we recommend starting with Intro to Swing to kick things off fun and easy, then move to Basic Swing – Level 1 which continues and deepens on what you learn in Intro.

Where do I start if I am experienced?

If you are looking for something cool, short, and progressive, we recommend trying a Challenge. This will be a great way to quickly see what level you’re at since it’s progressive rounds. Try to get to the end, and if you can’t then get to work on some foundation!

What styles do you teach?

We teach most styles under the umbrella of Swing Dancing. This includes Solo Jazz, and the partner dancing styles Basic Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and Collegiate Shag.

What is Basic Swing?

Basic Swing is the most common form of social dancing that people seem to be doing without extensive training or lessons. Some people call it east coast swing, single step, 6ct swing and all sorts of stuff. We have defined it technically as having low momentum, more fixed patterns, and have designed to to be extremely easy and fun.

What Level am I? Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced? 

We are working on getting all of our content leveled, but it is still subjective so the only way to know if something is right for you is to click on it and watch a bit. In general, Beginner means it’s good for anyone who has completed Intro to Swing. Intermediate is going to be for people with a lot of experience with lessons and social dancing. Advanced is truly difficult both physically, mentally, and technically. Ridiculous is exactly that.

In our programs, which are under construction right now, we are going to be offering Level 1, 2, and 3 certifications. This are different than levels since they will define an particular set of skills and accomplishments.

How do I cancel my membership?

Go to your membership account page and click cancel.

How do I get feedback?

Sign up for for the membership that includes personal coaching and we provide feedback on a weekly basis.

Does anyone else teach on here besides Dax and Sarah?

Not at this time. If there is anything, in particular, you would like to learn inspired by other dancers, let us know and we can create some content inspired by them. We usually publish stuff as Signature Move series.

Where can I ask a question about stuff in a video?

You can post on the page in the comment section and we will get back to you asap.

Where can I request lessons, and ask questions to get a video response?

Please use the form here and follow the instructions.


  • Hello.

    I have big problem with page of Rhythm Juice.
    I don’t know where i’m should report it.
    From Saturday i can’t log out and doesn’t work any film 🙁
    Nothing work even blog and articles


  • Hi Dax and Sarah,

    Your website is awesome.
    In your video “How does syncopating footwork affect your partner and when to communicate it” you said “Which brings up another cool top about like: Why the basic footwork isn’t basic or easy all the time – it’s actually sometimes a really hard footwork to get you through certain things”. I would love to see a video about that topic.
    Thank you.

    Best regards,

  • Hello! I was delighted to learn of Rhythm Juice and quickly subscribed. Thanks for creating this service. I am finding it difficult, however, to navigate the site. I’m an intermediate-advanced Lindy/Bal/Charleston dancer, but would like to be able to easily access all levels of dance for review. Any chance you’ll be clarifying / simplifying your site for greater ease of access? Also, 1) it’s helpful to see the lead’s footwork if demo is danced one or more times with lead’s back to camera. Can this be done on future videos? 2) I see many “Quick Tips.” I like detail when learning a move; can the instructional sections of each lesson be a bit longer, slower, and more detail-oriented? Again, thanks for your service; I hope to be a longtime subscriber. Cheers, Steven / Los Angeles

    • Steven, Thanks for your feedback. We are working on content navigation and will be rolling out an updated system soon that will include levels in the filters.

      As for footwork breakdowns from the back, sometimes we include this, but in some more advanced lessons we don’t in order to keep things fast paced. Can you send an link to a particular lesson where the breakdown from the back is missing? Like in this lesson, we don’t have it from the back, is this what you are referring to?

      As for the tips in lessons vs quick tips, what we are working towards is a way for you guys to ask questions, and us provide deeper breakdowns based on questions when things are not clear so that there is a way to always help you when you need. Quick tips are designed to just inspire and get you thinking without occupying to much time.

      Have you worked through Lindy Hop – Level 1?

      This is an example of a course that would have a high level of detail and a slow pace, which we are trying to provide in for Foundation.

    • Samuel, I thought I answered this, but it must have gotten erased in an update!

      Coaching is on a weekly schedule. We check in on Mondays, review any videos you have submitted, and provided feedback, answer questions, and suggest what to work on for the upcoming week.

      All the coaching back and forth, video uploading, and communication is handled on a private slack channel.

      • Thanks, I have registered for premium + coaching. Would I need to do the same from my partner’s account? Also, how would we gain access to the slack channel?

  • Hello
    I just joined the membership but I can’t see any content, library, blog and so on. Is that maybe a temporary problem with the site? Thanks for the attention

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