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Welcome to RhythmJuice.com! We are really excited to help you to learn this amazing routine. And props to you for taking the initiative by adding this historical dance to your dancing library. 👏👏👏 We promise this will be one of the most comprehensive learning experiences you will find for this Authentic Jazz Routine. We aim to not just help you learn the routine but become more efficient in your practice routine.

Learn a classic solo jazz routine choreographed by Norma Miller, the Queen of Swing. (1919-2019) RIP.

Here are a few things to know before diving in ☞

Make sure to check out Tena Morales-Armstrong and Adam Browzowki’s: The Global Trickeration Project. (don’t forget to like and comment!)👇

Below you will find all the lessons from our Trickeration on Rhythm Juice, here for free. If you are inspired and find value from this experience, we urge you to donate to an organization for Black people as a way to give back. Here are some great options in the Swing Dance Community:

Frankie Manning Foundation


Pacific Swing Dance Foundation

*if we are missing any, please comment below!

We also recommend reading her book: Swingin’ at the Savoy

The routine is broken into 12 phrases with a lesson dedicated to putting it all together. If you want to run the full routine, scroll down to the dancing part that covers that, otherwise, enjoy all the drills and exercises to help you master each phrase.


Rhythmjuice provides video player features that help you get the most out of your learning experience.

Use the AB Loop for the drills and repeat them until you got it. This will amount to a ton of bonus training!



Getting Started


Phrase 01


Phrase 02



Phrase 03


Phrase 04


Phrase 05



Phrase 06


Full Routine Practice






Thanks for working on Trickeration with us! We hope you enjoyed the lessons and if you would like to learn more you can create a FREE membership here.

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