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Think About Me – Part 00 – Getting Started

Welcome to the Think About Me Solo Jazz Routine Course! Here are some details about the course that will help you get the most out of it.

Course Structure

This course is broken down into phrases that are four 8-counts long. There are a few exceptions; the intro, phrase 16 which includes a 2×8 tag, and the ending which is only 2x8cts.

How to Work on Material

We recommend mastering a phrase at a time to prioritize the quality of execution. Each phrase lesson will have a drill for each 8ct step, and also the full phrase to counts and music.

Each phrase lesson has the following structure. The idea is that you see what it looks like in the Music Front video. Watch it enough to really create a strong vision for what you will be learning. After that, we really recommend putting each drill on repeat and just watching and trying. The Tips video is intended for those who have attempted the drills. If you are not able to get a single step started by watching, I feel this routine is too advanced for you. The goal is to get the steps down as best you can by watching, then use the tips to work out the details that you either missed or are struggling with. Ideally, you will be using the Drill to Music once you have all the tips in place. Then use the Drill – Full Routine to assemble the full routine up to the point you have completed. If you are interested in doing bonus work, I provide ideas in the Conclusion videos about this.

  • Music Front
  • Drill – Step 1
  • Drill – Step 2
  • Drill – Step 3
  • Drill – Step 4
  • Drill – Full Combo Counts
  • Tips
  • Drill to Music (Combo)
  • Drill to Music (Full Routine)
  • Conclusion

Song Details

Song: Think About Me by The High Toppers
Album: Jazz of the 1920s and 30s

There are two versions of this song, Instrumental and Vocal.

This routine is performed to an edit that is a combination of these two songs. If you would like a copy of the song please purchase the two songs and send us an email showing proof of purchase and I can send you a link to download the edit, otherwise, use the video files audio to practice the routine.

Self Assessments

Each phrase has a Self Assessment opportunity. This is optional but highly recommended to maximize results. If you are wondering why we do an assessment only 4 eight counts at a time, it is once again, for the purpose of fully focusing on the quality of movement for a small section. This is how Sarah and I train. If by chance, you want to assess a larger portion of the routine, you can use the Full Routine lessons assessment which has the full routine video, and you can choose to do any section of that you like.

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