Lindy Shock Recap (2017)


Welcome to the Lindy Shock Recap. This is a very comprehensive resource for all the students who took our classes at Lindy Shock in 2017. Included are count breakdowns of all the combinations that we taught and answers to everyone’s questions that were submitted after the workshop. We hope you enjoy the content.

Our Thoughts on the Workshop

If you attended our classes, thank you for working so hard in our classes at Lindy Shock. We had an amazing time and hope you enjoyed the stuff we shared.

What We Taught

Lindy Shock 2017 was crazy fun as usual but really special for us with regards to teaching concepts. Yes, we know we talked a lot, but it was our first time breaking out our concepts on follower empowerment and the structure/freestyle formula in an international workshop. It’s exciting stuff for us. We actually have a free preview lesson on the structure/freestyle formula in our Basic Swing Course here. It’s called the Secret Formula! Check it out when you have time.

In all our classes this year we utilized our Charleston-Lindy fundamentals and the moves we used to sneak in the conceptual information were based on the Chase into Tandem Charleston. In each class, we began to add variations and some footwork to the mix. It seemed like the same thing for us all weekend, but when we broke it down, there was a ton of stuff!

The Full Lindy Shock Recap Package Includes

This is a lot of content! The combos are all very similar, but actually different. We really recommend that you learn to navigate the content using table search and sorting to find the combo from your class. When you have time, start to learn some of the other ones try out the other moves.

How to Navigate the Content

The tables below allow for a quick search. We recommend typing in your level, or some words from your question and you will be able to quickly find what you are looking for.

*There is a chance that we are not 100% accurate with what combinations were taught in each level. However, you have access to all of them and will most likely find the ones that look familiar. We also wrote them out so you might be able to spot them if you sort by Combo Description.

Lindy Shock Combo Database

Each combo is sorted by the class we taught it in and lists the moves that are in it.

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Q&A Database

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Enjoy and Keep Swingin!

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