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Whether you need help getting started, smashing plateaus, or finding tools to empower your dancing, we can help.

Standard education will give you standard results. – Tony Robbins
We strive to be anything but standard. We believe in not only excellent, comprehensive instruction but are determined to help people learn how to maximize their own learning experience. Empowering the students is a way to get powerful results.

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How does the risk-free trial work?
At any time in the next 30 days, if you are not satisfied with your Rhythm Juice membership, we will give you a full refund. Just email us directly at

Do you provide content for total beginners? 

Yes! We really recommend getting started with our Basic Swing Program. You will not only get some moves to get yourself out on the dance floor but also learn unique and empowering concepts like how to freestyle alone and with your partner without judgment.

Do you provide content for a high-level dancer? 

Absolutely. The majority of the content on our site is for advanced dancers and many students around the world consider high-level content and ideas to be our specialty.

How can I better understand what each plan can access?
Every plan can access all the content on our site as well as access our private Facebook community. Purchasing the annual membership will get you a larger discount and will push you to commit to your learning journey.

How can I get personal video feedback on my dancing?
We offer feedback through our mentorship program where we check in with you weekly to help you find content based on your goals, give you video feedback, and offer emotional support if you need it. This has an additional fee to whatever plan you purchase. For more information email us at

What are you doing to support Black Lives? 

While we are spending most of these days listening and learning, we wanted to share with our community that we are exploring more ways to give back and support Black Lives. We are so grateful to be able to be a tiny part of this historical dance.☞We are contributing monthly to the ACLU Foundation.☞On our IG profile, you will see a link to encourage other people to donate as well.☞You will also be seeing weekly quotes pop up on our social media accounts in hopes to amplify black voices.☞Our Trickeration Course is completely free, no need to give your email. Enjoy this wonderful dance. We know this is not enough and we will be continuing our own education.

Is there anything I can do for free first before buying a plan?

You can browse our blog and see the lesson previews for all our content without needing any plan. We also have a very detailed course teaching the Trickeration Routine for free. If we are running a community competition or promo that provides free content, you can find it typically on our homepage of the website.

Can I download the content on my computer? 

At this moment we only offer online streaming at an ongoing monthly rate. We chose this path because we want to encourage dancers to move past the collecting of information and move towards taking consistent action. This will get you optimal results.

Is there a way for me to take from you in person? 

At the moment, the best way to see us in person is via our Lindy Retreat. Come stay with us in Boise, Idaho (an incredibly beautiful, outdoor vacation spot). You will have your own room/bath and parking spot. Lindy Retreats typically are a week long and involve several hours of work a day mixing private lessons, morning body workouts, conceptual discussions, and self-practice. You can do this alone or with up to 4 people. Email us for details:

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