New player, better organization, faster server, and a plan for progressive learning

How about a killer update that is long overdue?

If you have been with us for the past year, our sincerest thanks for sticking around through this rough patch. If you are new, great timing on deciding to join the fun! This article will introduce some of the new features for the website and our awesome plans for this year.

If you are not one for a story, jump to the bottom for the concise updates. Otherwise, read on!

About 1 year ago,  I decided to break Rhythm Juice out of a strict course model into something that would allow us to produce smaller content more often without needing to build big bulky courses.  It was an exciting time, but I really didn’t know what I was getting into. In the end, I ended up creating a huge mess of content. You know when you have great intentions but poor execution.? Very much like my dancing from 10 years ago. Anyway, I just kept reading all the great failure quotes and pressing forward.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. – Thomas Edison

With all these smaller pieces of content and no idea on how to organize it, I got overwhelmed. To the point where I just choose to just stop all production and hit the drawing board again. Sarah was also pregnant and we weren’t able to really produce much content anyway. It seemed like a good time to go to my cave.

Honestly, the last six months have been pretty rough. Frustrating. Tiring. I have built and destroyed countless “possible” concepts for Rhythm Juice. Many of them fell apart when I introduced large amounts of dance “data”.  Some were conceptually cool, but in reality, were not timeless or might end up confusing for certain demographics. Then I would just tell myself, “what if it was just as simple as 123…” So easy, but as I start building it I realized that it didn’t allow for us to be artists and deliver at our full potential. Depress-trating. Yep, that is a combo word I just made up.

Now for the sunny side of the street.

We have an amazing new boy, Beaudry. He’s got Sarah’s eyes and an uber chill temperament. Sarah is dancing again. Amaaaazing. I also won my first 100mile ultramarathon, which is random, but slightly interesting. Lastly, I really have a clear vision for the future of Rhythm Juice.

I know. I have said this many times. The only difference is, this time, I have said it after months of thinking, building and destroying. That is literally the only difference, but I feel pretty positive about what’s to come.

What I have realized is that I am Rhythm Juices #1 enemy. I have a need for perfection that constantly alters our course. It is my inability to delegate that makes everything move so slow. It is my critical nature that causes 50% of our content to never get released. The problem is I am the owner so I can’t really fire myself. The only thing to do is to learn and try to improve. Sort of like what you are doing with your dancing, right?

Now for the technical updates:

Video Player

I am really excited about our new player. I really believe that the learning experience comes down to the player. Good information buried in a video is as useless as a great teacher that missed their flight to the festival. All the information is there, but hard not easily accessible.

  • AB looping (find the thing you need to work on, and loop the Sh*t out of it)
  • Speed control (duh, no explanation needed here)
  • Video flip (great for mirrored learning or jazz steps or getting a mirrored perspective)
  • Front & back angle switching (More concise videos, with the opportunity to see from both sides. Avail. on future vids.)
  • Multi-video playlist support (great for updates, additional tips, and sectioning complex lessons.)
  • Video chapter (quicking jump to important parts of the video without wasting time trying to find that “one part”.)


Rhythm Juice has been painfully slow, poorly organized and pretty horrible overall for the past year. All this has changed and will be improving more as we move forward.

  • faster loading speeds ( we have optimized things and switched to a faster server)

Progress Tracking

We are introducing a very simple form of progress tracking to start. You can basically complete a piece of content. Some of this content will be part of a course, and the rest is part of the sitewide progress. This way you can see where you are at with each lesson, and where you are at in the scheme of the whole site. This will be really important when we release Foundation, where we will be tracking progress on each course individually.

  • lesson complete button
  • check marks on completed content site-wide
  • course progress bars for foundation
  • site wide progress including blog posts

Content Organization

This is the area I spend 90% of my time working on. While i is far from perfect, I am very satisfied with our new 4 areas of focus/types of content were are calling Foundation, Library, Challenges and Blog. These are 4 clear buckest to fill and if new content doesn’t fit into one of 4 areas of focus then I probably won’t end up filming it. The good news is they are clear and robust. We are not limited. Users won’t be confused.

  • 4 clear sections of organization
  • unique filtering for each category
  • style, level, and topic categorization
  • progressive courses
  • non-progressive collections


We are super excited to announce that we will be producing an annual live summit for Rhythm Juice members called Rhythm Juice Live. It is going to be happing in 2020. This going to be a game changer for the Rhythm Juice experience and really tie everything together.

  • Rhythm Juice Live

Progressive Fundamentals & Certification

The progressive program side of Rhythm Juice has been lacking. We did a lot of thinking and outlined a complete program for moving from total beginner to advanced for all of the swing dance styles. It’s called Foundation.

  • Intro to Swing for Beginners
  • Core Concepts for the universal stuff that affects all styles at each level.
  • Level 1, 2, 3 trraining and certification for Basic Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, and Solo Jazz

More Content Stuff

We are also going to be adding all tips, q&a and small bits of content to the blog as free information for dancers to benefit from. Lastly, the inspiration database concept is going to be replaced with a robust library of vocabulary and building blocks of the dance. Sort of like a story sells food, but not recipes. Foundation and Challenges are going to be the premium offering where we take raw ingredients from the library and cook up tasty delights for you to learn from.

  • Foundation Program
  • More free stuff for the blog
  • Replacing inspiration database concept with a full library

While this isn’t everything I would like to share, part of my resolution for this year is being ok with just putting stuff out there, even if it isn’t perfect. So this is my post for today. Feel free to comment below or contact us if you have any questions!

My love to all our supporters. Thank you for using Rhythm Juice and we look forward to a year filled with growth for all.


Dax (&Sarah)





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