The new foundation program, coming 2019

Let’s face it, the #1 weak point in our content offering has been for the total beginner to intermediate-advanced.

We never made content for this level since the majority of our users were advanced students that came directly from our workshops. Those were the old days when we’re just focused on helping you continue the journey we started in a workshop.

Now, we are living the family life!

That means fewer workshops, more kids, and a lot more Rhythm Juice.

Our newest project is creating a complete program that will guide you from zero to ready to crush it! We spent months brainstorming a plan that looks like it would help us archive some of our goals:

  • have a killer intro course to bring on total beginners
  • provide core concepts and skills that apply to all the styles to reduce redund instruction inside the courses
  • offer complete level progression for the 6 major styles we teach
  • create a level progression based on how you dance more than the number of moves you know
  • offer a granular breakdown of technique that won’t let you miss important steps
  • have a plan to combat overwhelm or burn out by mixing in enough variety
  • ensure there is a direct connection between challenge leveling and foundation levels
  • create a base template that will work for all the different styles so that learning new ones becomes progressively easier
  • create a set of technique that focuses on function, without trying to control your personal style
  • clearly, separate each style so you can see how the core concepts are applied in each dance

It’s to easy to start barfing up content, but it makes a huge mess. Creating something cohesive, that weaves the styles together, shares concepts throughout the dances, and simplifies learning and terminology is hard. Simple and precise takes time. Stocking the basement of a museum is easy, deciding what to hang on the wall, and where is tough. Same goes for this content.

Not that you have a little insight into our goals with this program I am going to quickly outline it.

Intro to Swing
A fun, simple, and conceptual onboarding to pure unstructured Swing dancing.

Level 1 – Flow
Learn the essential set of moves, positions, technique, and concepts required to create flow, maximize the opportunities to add moves, and more vocabulary and dance all night without thinking.

  • Core Concepts 1 (Intro to Level 1)
    • Basic Swing 1
    • Solo Jazz 1
    • Lindy Hop 1
    • Charleston 1
    • Balboa 1
    • Collegiate Shag 1

Level 2 – Freedom
Learn to become a conceptual dancer and gain creative freedom to bend the rules, alter moves, adjust, stylize and explore the dance to its fullest.

  • Core Concepts 2 (Intro to Level 2)
    • Basic Swing 2
    • Solo Jazz 2
    • Lindy Hop 2
    • Charleston 2
    • Balboa 2
    • Collegiate Shag 2

Level 3 – Finesse
Learn to wrangle in the freedom for freedom’s sake and start to hit the music exactly, create beautiful shapes, develope personal style and execute and tempo extremes.

  • Core Concepts 3 (Intro to Level 3)
    • Basic Swing 3
    • Solo Jazz 3
    • Lindy Hop 3
    • Charleston 3
    • Balboa 3
    • Collegiate Shag 3

What does all this mean? 

For starters, we are going to have a total beginner onboarding called Into to Swing. This will give everyone the opportunity to get started the “Dax and Sarah” way, which is something really special that we spend 3 years working through teaching beginner workshops in Los Angeles at the Lindy Loft, LA. This will be intended for total beginners and recommend that experience dancers “blaze” through it to get ensure we’re on the same page.

Once Into to Swing is complete, you enter the level 1, 2, 3 programs we call “Flow, Freedom, Finesse”. Each level is preceded with a course we call Core Concepts. This is all the conceptual information and universally applied skills that you will need to know in order to easily understand the style-focused courses at that level. This also helps us avoid having to explain general concepts and skills once we get into the specifics of each dance style.

You can learn by style, or level

With this system, you could focus on on a single style, ie, Lindy Hop, and do something like.

  • Intro to Swing
  • Core Concepets 1
  • Lindy Hop 1
  • Core Concepts 2
  • Lindy Hop 2
  • Core Concetps 3
  • Lindy Hop 3

You could alternatively focus on diversity at a single level.

  • Intro to Swing
  • Core Concepts 1
  • Basic Swing 1
  • Solo Jazz 1
  • Lindy Hop 1
  • Charleston 1
  • Balboa 1
  • Collegiate Shag 1

There will be various ways to grow that we hope will accommodate dancers of varying levels of commitment and skill. Meanwhile, at any time you can take a break from the program and jump into the Library to learn more vocabulary, or work on Challenges to test your skills work on cool combinations.

Level Certification

Upon completing each course, you will have the opportunity to certify your level in that dance style by taking a rigorous test where you will be submitting a list of videos that test you skills. This will be graded and feedback will be provided to make sure you know what is missing to pass. We will talk about this in more detail later.


For now, let us know what you think below. We are outlining the course content and going to start filming soon. We would love to get your thoughts in the meanwhile. We hope you are as excitd as we are!



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